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HH Tarot Roll On - The Knight

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Valour Meets Prosperity

Jump on a Gallant Quest: "The Knight of Swords" by Hop Hare, an essential oil gemstone roll-on crafted for the modern-day warrior of life. Infused with the protective energy of Black Tourmaline, this blend is forged to attract prosperity and forge bonds of camaraderie.

  The Knight's Stone: Black Tourmaline
Encased within each roll-on is a Black Tourmaline gemstone, esteemed for its ability to guard against negativity and draw wealth and friendship. Its presence in "The Knight of Swords" serves as a talisman for those who seek to conquer life's challenges with valour and grace.

Anoint yourself with "The Knight of Swords" roll-on,breathe in the blend of woodsy and floral scents, readying yourself for the day's endeavours.
Venture forth with the confidence and magnetism of a knight in shining armour.
With "The Knight of Swords" by Hop Hare, don the mantle of prosperity and friendship, and let the gallant blend and the empowering Black Tourmaline lead you to triumph.

 Ingredients :
Coconut MCT Oil: Our blend is knighted with Coconut MCT Oil, renowned for its lightweight hydration, allowing the noble essences of the essential oils to be smoothly applied upon your skin. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil: With the sturdy scent of Cedarwood Essential Oil, this fragrance constructs a fortress of calm, encouraging steadfastness and resilience. 

Patchouli Essential Oil: The grounding aroma of Patchouli Essential Oil lays the foundation for abundance, fostering a sense of richness and earthy allure. 

Palmarosa Essential Oil: The sweet, floral whispers of Palmarosa Essential Oil bear the flag of friendship, inviting open communication and heartfelt connections. 

Vetiver Essential Oil: Deep and smoky, Vetiver Essential Oil offers a touch of the untamed, enhancing concentration and a sense of rootedness in the midst of life's battles. 

Neroli Essential Oil: The noble bloom of Neroli Essential Oil imparts a regal fragrance, uplifting the spirit and gracing the wearer with an air of aristocracy.


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Gift Set - HH Tarot Roll On - The Knight
HH Tarot Roll On - The Knight - Wellnesszone-ds
HH Tarot Roll On - The Knight - Wellnesszone-ds
HH Tarot Roll On - The Knight - Wellnesszone-ds